The reason women seem to be fighting the whole notion of submission in marriage is because most of us come from a long line of women who have been enslaved and/or oppressed by their spouses. No human alive, if given a choice, would submit to an oppressor.
And that is the way the devil works:
he takes something the good Lord has instituted and convinces people to abuse it. Then he inspires some other people to rise up against, not just the abusers, but the entire institution itself.
That’s exactly what he has done with giving/tithing.
But you see, no one throws away an entire basket of fruit because three of the fruit had worms in them.
But I digress.

I heard someone (my pastor, actually) say leadership is not domination.
You see, when God put the man as the head of the home, the intention was for him to lead, not dominate. Man was given dominion over the earth and other creatures, not over his kind (Gen 1:26). And the job description for the leader in the home is actually written in the Bible, but world people no go ever gree say them see that one.
The genesis (pun intended😆) of husbands lording it over their wives came after The Fall. It was actually a curse (Gen 3:16).
And I know enough about God to know that His nature is anything but sexist.

It is an inherent lack of emotional maturity which makes people, who find themselves in positions of authority, use this authority to attempt to suppress the next person.
And it’s not a phenomenon uncommon to humanity, it is everywhere:

Even a child who is made the class prefect over their other classmates, more often than not uses that position to earn themselves privileges often at the expense of others. Often forgetting that they are all mates and that being asked to lead them does not of itself, change that fact.
At work, one may be put in charge of drawing up the roster and suddenly, they feel barking orders now come with the territory. When in actual fact, what that should mean is that if there are any extra shifts, then it lies on one to take them; if someone doesn’t show up, it becomes one’s responsibility to cover that shift; if everyone wants Christmas day off, then one would have to make the sacrifice to work Christmas day. That is leadership.

Unfortunately, there is only a minuscule fraction of human beings who have this understanding as well as the maturity to follow through.
I don’t envy men- never have and probably never will. If they understood the huge responsibility that comes with being called to lead, they would not be in such a hurry to demand submission.
My whatsapp status yesterday, I think, summarises this very nicely :


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