You see my problem with all this tithing and non-tithing debate……

Who forced you?!! If you are not convinced about paying tithes or the blessings of sowing and reaping; if you have been tithing out of coercion or fear of damnation; if you sincerely believe the tithe you have been paying in church could have helped your life better, then I have news for you:

You have been wasting your money.

Kuku keep it and buy extra credit or a new pair of shoes. The Bible says God loves a cheerful giver, so if you ever find yourself giving grudgingly there is no need, just pocket your money. The Bible also says anything not done in faith is sin, so if you are not tithing in faith it is kuku sin so you might as well pick a struggle that is less likely to give you a stomach ulcer.

If however you are not “dashing all your money to one greedy pastor”, may I now please ask you what konsai you in this matter? Why on earth are you drinking paracetamol for headache that is not worrying you? Is it your dash? Or your money? Abi your greedy?

If and when we come to seek your counsel- or come to beg you for school fees/house rent- feel free to lecture us on our financial “stupidity”. But until then, how about you put your mouth where your money actually is.

You live by hustle, we get. You have worked your fingers off for every single thing you’ve ever had. We totally understand. But you see, some of us haven’t. We couldn’t even.

We’d much rather live off grace. That’s the only life we’ve ever known.

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