I have only recently come to a realisation: there will always be women who believe house work is a wife’s primary responsibility just as there are men who believe a wife’s worth is not much if she does not cook, clean and scrub.

And nothing is wrong with that.

As long as such men marry such women, all will be well. Because the most important thing is the happiness of the individuals in the union, and happiness is in the mind.

That was, after all, the way I was raised, being African and all. It was only after some 30 years of evolution that I adopted the views that I now hold. Personally, I will do domestic chores for only as long as I cannot afford help. As soon as I can afford it, I do not plan to lift another broom or scrub another pot in my life.

I have visions of travelling the world with my cute little family and building an empire- or two- with my partner. I do not have plans of prematurely acquiring  wrinkles or always being too tired to take proper care of my body.

I plan to be the mother that gets back from work and does homework with the children, reads to them and can still spend hours ‘gisting’ with the hubs. I know only too well that all these dreams can very easily remain dreams if one has to first ‘branch’ to the market and then come back to make soup after sitting hours in traffic. I ain’t about that life biko.

Finally, I so want out of the rat race. I believe there is so much more to my life than a cycle of work -cook-clean-baff children -sleep-wake up-work….. until children leave home and I retire, by which time I’m probably already too old to enjoy the kain life and all I have to look forward to are aso-ebi and omugwo. Chukwu aju biko.

I also know that I am not the only one who thinks this way and that I shall marry someone like me, one of these days. The only problem would be if somebody in category A and another person in my category decided to marry. But if people would stay in their lanes and attach themselves to people with whom they were compatible, all these daily debates they are constantly using to block somebody’s road on social media would be completely unnecessary.

To whom brain is given…..