I wish people would stop arguing about their faith. It usually achieves nothing but ill feelings. I have not heard of a single convert who was won over by argument.
Faith, by it’s definition, defies logic so a person’s faith usually comes from a deep-seated conviction more than anything else.1465055689472[1]

If someone thinks they came from monkeys or mosquitoes, allow them. If they think Christianity is a scam which the West invented in order to deceive and colonise Africa, nwanne do you think your arguing will change their minds?
These arguments never look good on us- nor on the God we so gallantly seek to defend. Even the Bible says we should win people over with our conduct.1465056192592[1]  Conviction is the job of the Holy Spirit, biko allow Him to do His work. No epp am.
We all screamed blue murder when a woman was beheaded in Kano, but I thought about it and realised that sometimes, we are closet murderers ourselves. When we tell somebody that the hottest part of hell has been reserved for them because they challenged our beliefs, nwanne, what shall we call that one?
The same Bible we are trying to defend says that anyone who hates his brother is guilty of murder, so we would do well to judge ourselves first.1465056596619[1]

I believe the thing to do if we are convinced someone is going the wrong way would be to pray for them, talk to them and let our lights shine……

1465056960202[1] But for heaven’s sake not to argue with them. The Bible does not even permit us to argue amongst ourselves ya foduzia…..


The truth is we are all going to die (hopefully, nobody dey follow argue that one). And when we die everyone will find out for themselves who was right and who was wrong. O tan.