I decided to review this movie because I just saw it today and (as usual), I have a few thoughts.
First off, it’s a Nollywood flick- for those who were wondering.
Second of all, Kunle Afolayan tries- have to give it to him. The movie was pleasantly watchable and we are talking Nollywood so that’s a frigging huge deal.
However!!! 😀
What would I be if I couldn’t be a nitpicking somebody, so here goes….

1. I have to take offence that they called Owerri a village. I’m not from there but it’s the frigg’n capital city. Why oh why, narrow-minded/elitist Nigerians??

2. Every adult that was raised in Nigeria knows how to eat fufu. End of. They might not like it, but they damn well know how to eat it! For world peace’s sake, it’s the same way you eat amala or starch, or eba. This is what is breeding fakeness in this society. Somebody will finish watching this one and imagine that it is unacceptable to know how to eat with your fingers. Shior!

3. That her policeman (abi policewoman) sister was rather hostile, and unnecessarily so, if you ask me. If you invited somebody to your house then waris with all the rudeness biko. I know she was supposed to be uncouth, but even uncouth people have an idea of social etiquette for house guests.
I think that was an ‘over-interpretation’ of her role.

4. How did he buy 10k credit upon arriving Owerri and the next day he was out of credit? And nobody thought to show us the 12 hour call he made to Australia the night before.

5. Lastly, the end bits of the movie had some seriously improbable scenes. It was as if they no longer cared about credulity and just went haywire, like ” we have just 20 minutes left to wrap this thing up, guys make it happen.”
So people were teleporting from Lagos to Owerri, suddenly taking over the companies where their children worked, recognising people they’d never seen, etc etc.

Having said, nice movie, totally watchable. Although I think Kunle could have cast people that actually knew how to speak igbo. But I guess if you don’t know the language you’d never notice so it’s all good.

Oh and I liked that they didn’t push the romance story too much because I was really not feeling any chemistry. I think a love-y scene would have been a hard sell.
But then that’s just my two cents.

Who begs to differ agrees?


I’m currently reading the book of Job;
I started two days ago. I chose Job because all the other books I tried to read were depressing. Ironic abi? Let me explain: you know how when you are miserable and happy people just make you even more miserable?
Misery loves company and things.

Anyway, I happened upon a verse which I found interesting:

….Look to God and pray……
if you are pure and good,
He will quickly come to help you.
Job 8: 5-6. ERV

A little background: this was one of Job’s friends who had come to commiserate with him when they heard of his misfortune.

I read this and thought to myself: fa fa fa! Iro o! If there’s one thing I know from personal experience, it is that God does not quickly do ANYTHING. If you have chosen to rely on Him alone, then my brethren you must tie the wrapper of patience plus matching gele.

Someone once said ‘you cannot outwait God.’ I totally agree.
He can be everywhere at the same time so there’s never anywhere He’s hurrying to be; therefore, if He has to wait your whole life to make a point, best believe He can and will.

Quickly ko! If I hear!