Before I start, let me complain small about one scene in The Contract.
The scene where he produced ‘the stuff’. Why da hell did we need to see/hear that?! Pluxxxx, is that how people sound biko? Hian!
Having said, Hlomla redeemed every disgusting/implausible/are-you-freaking-kidding-me scene. Aaaaaaah……#dreamy eyed#

Anyhoooo, dazz not the point of today’s story.
I saw a guy in church today. He was two seats away from me and I spied his fineness from the corner hof my heyes.
Choi! Na wa o. I was only half listening to the pastor.
And he actually isn’t really a stranger. I knew him about 13 years ago (not saying where from before people start putting 2 and 5 together), but I don’t think we ever met. I sha remember his name. 😀

The first thing I did was to scope his left hand- I had to check nwanne m, with the way all these children I grew up with have been marrying up and down.
Anyway, both hands were empty. There was a chic seated beside him and it kinda looked like they were together-ish. But her hands were jewelry-free so FAIR GAME, babyyyy!

So first of all, I have to repackage. That means I’ve gotta do something about this my hair that I’ve been carrying around like a primary 6 pupil. Then I should start growing my nails again; and I should maybe dust off my make-up box?
This man thing is work o. But I shall keep my eyes on the prize. Eyes on the prize…

Second of all, I shall have to start attending every church meeting and service and find out where he likes to sit- and start liking to sit there too. I already know where he parks.

Lord, I sound like a desperate stalker but warevs man. I have way too much free time. Heehee.

We are bound to accidentally meet somehow. I know he’d recognise me so half the ice is actually already broken.

Shebi someone may be wondering why I don’t just go over and say hi since we kuku sabi before. Well…. That doesn’t require planning; and I like to plan so there.

Wish me luck o.

9 thoughts on “STALKING TINZ

  1. LOL @ inviting me to d weddin! No wahala, but I’ll b a lil bit surprised if d groom is dis particular guy though…:D


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