I put up a post on Facebook asking if it was normal to want separate bedrooms after getting married.
Somebody said it was the best thing (tongue-in-cheek, I know), others thought it was an unspeakable atrocity. Heehee.
Na them sabi sha, as I asked because I’ve been contemplating that a whole lot, like since forever.

I like my space.

Let me rephrase: I’m totally, unapologetically, addicted to my space.

Growing up as an only daughter, I kinda got used to having my own room and by the time I got to school and started having room mates, I realised how important personal space was to me.

I’m sort of finicky. OK maybe I have a little OCD- only a minuscule amount sha. I don’t wash my hands after every breath like some people; but I do like things in a particular way and I hate dislike coming back to find that something isn’t the way I left it.

I also enjoy solitude. I have a whole lot to say to myself on any given day and somebody else yapping away or shuffling about in the background would just be a very unwanted interruption.

Having an exhilarating convo with the voices in my head.

Having an exhilarating convo with the voices in my head.

Then comes the little issue of my, ahem, personal effects. I don’t know about you guys but I have yet to warm up to the idea of another person being all up in my business, plus I read somewhere that one of the secrets to retaining the spark in your marriage is, well, having some secrets- if you know worrai mean. I’m not in any hurry to be seen finish.

And I’m sure all the newly married voltrons will come with their preaching about how when you marry you are now one and loving is sharing and blaargh blarrgh.

Personally, I don’t take advice from newly-weds for the singular reason that they are all still starry and googly eyed and more often than not haven’t had their bubbles burst. In other words, honeymoon phase still dey worry them.

If you have celebrated your fifth wedding anniversary, then I can listen to you. And no, 5 years of living in sin doesn’t count.

:p   ( na play o!)

In case you were wondering what I plan to do when the children come, my plan is to cross that bridge when I get to it. And if them worry me too much, I can send them to their father’s room.
See? Win-win!

10 thoughts on “SEPARATE BEDROOMS?

  1. LOL…I’m so having a separate bedroom cos my space is all I think about most times. And he will need his space too…I can already foresee that…even during the honeymoon phase! *sometimes,toomuchlovingcanbeoutrightlychokingniii*


  2. Hehe, I used to be just like you. I just knew for sure that I wanted my own bedroom. In fact, separate, adjoining apartments was the greatest invention ever! Actually, I still like having my space and yes, Cakes and I share a bedroom but I still get my space and time. A lot of times, if I just need to be by myself, I let him watch whatever he feels like watching in the living room and I head to the room to chill (read a book, watch something on Youtube, just lie down and enjoy the silence).
    Yes, I’m a newlywed so you can discount my thoughts but I’m still as space-craving sometimes as I ever was.


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