Watching 27 dresses for the 997th time (okay I’m exaggerating) and I’ve just decided that my least favourite character in that movie is George. As in warra hell. How can a non-blind, non-retarded guy not see all that green light? People in space could have been blinded by that light and he was busy forming clueless. Mtscheeeeeeew!

hot and clueless!

hot and clueless!

Some people can be quite annoying sha. So someone knows everything about you, takes care of everything for you and even completes your sentences -did I mention is also very very available- and your brain never even hints to you that maybe you should try and somehow take this thing a little further. I’m at a loss.

However, though I can identify with being a victim of Bartimaeus men, I cannot identify with Jane’s character. I’m not a long-sufferer at all at all. If I shine light, I give you 3 days to notice and respond appropriately or you enter the list of bad markets and I move on. Youth is too damn short meeehn.

Can't be wasting all this fineness on one XY. For what?

Can’t be wasting all this fineness on one XY. For what?

And all that planning her sister’s wedding and pretending to be happy and generally being a noble person is balderdash biko. Everybody would have known I was totally not happy with that union. They would only be wondering why ( because of course shame would not have gree’ed me to say why).  And I would definitely not be planning the wedding.

Having said, however, if I had such a massive crush on somebody it’s not very likely that my sister would not have known. What else could we possibly have been ‘gisting’ about all the while. My sister (if I had one), my friends, their dogs and their dogs’ friends would have known and in fact at one time or the other would have been incorporated into helping me scheme my way into the guy’s life. I’ve always said that all this dying in silence doesn’t help anybody.

Such a waste.

Such a waste.

I would have wanted a different ending shaa. Preferably one where Mr Bartimaeus suddenly regained his sight, came to his senses and asked Jane to marry him and oga Cynical Reporter maybe ended up with her sister (because I just kept feeling sorry for the guy and it would’ve been heart-breaking if he had ended up alone). The only way the original ending would have been satisfactory was if George had turned out to be a jerk, then I would have said Tess and him deserved each other.
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P.S.  I also secretly like what she did to her sister *evil snicker*.

Maturity be damned abeg. Sometimes one needs to ‘jus do wetin dey for hin mind’. Of course I would never admit that in public.

Oh wait, I just did. 😀

Yup, payback's a bi-yatch!

Yup, payback’s a bi-yatch!