Mad Mercury

This is my favourite blog of ALL time. Everytime I remember how it ended abruptly, my heart bleeds.
It’s been nearly two years since the last post, but here’s to hoping that SG miraculously remembers us and at least finishes this story.


We exchange phone numbers and Blackberry pins (all of this in eye watering phoné) and we speak for a bit, he asks me why I look so familiar…I know this sounds like a well worn pick up line but there’s a reason for him to ask…perhaps it is because I AM, in fact, familiar. I must digress in order to clarify.

Flashback to 2008

Mercury and I weren’t quite as new to one another as one may think. The first time we actually met, I was being courted by the Prince (refer to earlier post “The Cast” for detailed up-to-date List of all my merry men). The Prince had taken me out clubbing on this night and we were at his table which was laden and creaking under the weight of an obscene amount of Don Perignon and an assortment of other goodies (he is stupendously wealthy and to him…

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