The 6 Days of Christmas III

Christmas Eve

Back to mall of the Emirates as we planned to spend our penultimate day at the famous Ski Dubai. Not that we knew how to ski or anything, but we just wanted a feel of a white Christmas.

320dh later.....

320dh later…..

I have discovered though, that I don’t care much for white Christmases. The cold was on two other levels. And that was in spite of the armour of clothing we had on. We were too miserable to even go on any of the snow park rides and everything just looked slippery and dangerous. Meanwhile some silly children were busy having a snowball fight two feet away. I was just waiting for the scapegoat whose snowball would touch me first. Them for see African wonder.

IMG_0894 IMG_0900 IMG_0897 IMG_0895

After 45 minutes, we decided we had enough pictures to prove we had indeed seen snow, and we high-tailed it out of that Fortress of Misery. Consequently, we had A LOT of time on our hands(the snow-park had been scheduled as an all day event. Hmmph!)and decided to pass the rest of the day- you guessed it- shopping.



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